Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Carpe diem

"Carpe diem," commonly translated as "sieze the day."

I think of this phrase, and I think of a number of ways this can be applied to my life with my dogs. Appreciate my dogs every day. Spend quality interactive time with each of my dogs every day (not easy to do when you've got 10 dogs, but I make it a point). Feed them the best food I can. Pet them every day. Love them.

In our line of work, we are reminded of this all the time, but some days, some customers really hit it home. Tonight, when we were getting ready to close, I had a customer come in to buy raw food. She had been in before and bought food from us (dry kibble, not raw) and perhaps a treat or two -- not a regular, but a sporadic visitor. Tonight was different.

Tonight . . . she went right to the raw case and said "I want raw, and I know you keep it over here." I asked if she wanted me to explain the different varieties of raw we carried. She said, "our dog is eleven and was just diagnosed with cancer. We're following a treatment protocol, and a raw diet is a part of it." I explained to her what the options were. She explained to me the treatment protocol. She selected a high-quality raw food for her dog (for any dog).

I WISHED we were there to recommend a raw diet to her dog when her dog was three years old. I WONDERED what difference it would have made in her dog's life. I HOPE raw food makes a difference now.

Carpe diem.

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  1. I've been hearing the clock ticking lately as Coleman is over 11 now. And even though he is super healthy for his age and been on some kind of raw diet most of his life I am constantly aware of "Have I done enough? Am I doing enough" in terms of his diet, exercise, fun time.... I think it is amazing that you and Nadja do so much for/with each of your ten dogs. We have three right now in the house and making sure everyone gets enough of my time is a part time job in itself. (Albeit one that I enjoy)
    In any case our family is lucky to have your store so close to us. PS - The plastic kennel you lent us is working out.