Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's Fair Time Again

I can report personally that things are in full swing at the Dutchess County Fair again. Our store has a booth set up at the fair for the second year in a row (thanks Pawstars!). The year before that, we were at the fair helping out with dock diving and frisbee shows. I still feel pretty new to the Hudson Valley most of the time, but when fair time rolls around, I feel like a regular. I like that about the fair. You always know what you're in for. The milkshakes are great, the canine tent is a lot of fun, and most people can't resist squeezing a squeaky toy when they walk past one.

I also like being able to hang out with friends I don't get to see often enough. Our friends Kara and Erich Steffensen and Michelle Paulucci have been doing the frisbee show at the fair for three years now (see Pawstars). For at least one week of the year, we've been able to hang out together in the canine tent for long periods of time with nothing to do but watch the people walk by. This is a luxury that, as grown-ups, we don't usually get. In all of our busy schedules, we're lucky to get a two-hour dinner together once a month. At fair week, we get to catch up on everything we missed out on during the rest of the year.

Yesterday was pretty soggy out at the fair, and it seems like today will be the same. But I will be happy to soak up these last soggy days of summer with good friends, a milkshake, and my best buddy, Bandit sitting by my side.


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